Ben Carson Reveals How He Plans To Help Trump Repeal Obamacare, This Is Amazing

Ben Carson was asked if he intends to become involved in designing a plan to replace Obamacare. “Yes of course,” he responded.

“I think the replacement obviously must come first and it must be something that is very appealing and easy to understand. And then, only then, would you dismantle what’s in place,” he started.

“That certainly should not be the first thing on one’s list. The concept of liberty and justice for all is important. Having standards that apply to everybody in the society obviously is an important thing,” he continued.

“I think actually a lot of the people who have tried to demonize him will be quite shocked when they see who he really is,” said Carson.

“He’ll be a very easy person to work with as long as you’re reasonable, as long as you’re fair,” he said. Are you excited for a Trump to run this country?