BOOM! Donald Trump Has Had ENOUGH, Declares WAR On…

Donald Trump has absolutely had it with the mainstream media bias and the rumors being printed and aired about him.

The outsider presidential candidate has declared war on the folks who buy ink by the barrel—starting with one media outlet in particular.

“This is war,” one Donald Trump campaign insider said after the candidate’s attorney’s filed a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times.

The civil suit was filed on Wednesday evening after the paper published a story about two women claiming Trump groped them.

Just a few hours after Donald Trump threatened to take legal action against the libelous article, he did just that. “We’re coming at them strong, and everybody better have a good lawyer,” the same campaign source said, according to the Washington Examiner.

“We hereby demand that you immediately cease any further publication of this article, remove it from your website, and issue a full and immediate retraction and apology,” Trump attorney, Marc Kasowitz, wrote in the defamation lawsuit against the New York Times. “Failure to do so will leave my client with no option but to pursue all available actions and remedies.”

Donald Trump and his senior campaign staff quickly denied the claims uttered by the women featured in the report.

Jessica Leeds and Rachel Cook claim the billionaire made uninvited sexual advances to them many years ago.

“He was like an octopus. His hands were everywhere,” Leeds claimed in the article. She claimed the alleged groping took place 30 years ago on a first class flight to NYC. The woman apparently wants the world to believe no one on the full, closely spaced flight happened to notice a man moving all over a woman—against her will.

“It is absurd to think that one of the most recognizable business leaders on the planet with a strong record of empowering women in his companies would do the things alleged in this story, and for this to only become public decades later in the final month of a campaign for president should say it all,” said Trump senior communications adviser, Jason Miller.

As Miller also pointed out, the amazingly timed groping allegations about Donald Trump were front page news in the New York paper, but it buried or completely ignored all of the shocking details coming out of the leaked emails of Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta.

“This is a sad day for the Times,” Jason Miller added. The once powerful paper has now resorted to cheap tabloid tactics, exposing its Clinton bias to the world.

The media and political elite are terrified Donald Trump will win the election, and We the People will be emboldened to regain the power we have handed over to career politicians for far too long. The coordinated character assassination of Trump has removed any shed of integrity the press still had left.

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