BREAKING: Fox News Exposes Traitor Megyn Kelly, Kicks Her Out For Backing Hillary



Megyn Kelly has brought a lot of heat on her many endeavors to blemish GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, and the Fox News viewers are not satisfied.

The Klelly File’s ratings have even fallen behind Maddow Show on MSNB, which is disgraceful.

All of this is a clear sign that Megyn is on the way out. Bill O’Reilly is a big Trump supporter, because he recognizes Trump’s leadership ability and close connection with the American public, and because he knows what a disaster a Hillary Clinton Presidency would be.

Megyn, unthinkably, seems to be a closet liberal who actually wants Hillary to win.

It’s clear that Megyn is on her way out of Fox News. Bill O’Reilly will not stand for Megyn’s lack of solidarity with the Republican party’s nominee, and is the driving force behind ousting her.

Sarah Ellison from Vanity Fair recently wrote that there’s “palpable” hatred between O’Reilly and Kelly, and quoted a former Fox News executive saying, “you’d have to have the world’s greatest interventional therapist to come and sit down with them both.

” What do you think about Megyn Kelly and her future at Fox News?