BREAKING: Mitt Romney Says He Won’t Sit On The Sidelines And Let Donald Trump Get Elected

The last man to hold the title of Republican presidential nominee is still warning his party about Donald Trump.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney told The David Gregory Show podcast that a three-man race could send Trump to the winner’s circle on the first ballot at the GOP convention this summer, which Romney does not want.

“If [Gov. John

“My guess is some delegates might like to fly around on Air Trump or perhaps get a membership to Mar-a-Lago,” Romney said.

Romney also took a shot at Trump’s ongoing criticism of the delegate process.

Kasich and Sen. Ted Cruz] are both going at it aggressively until the very end, then I think Trump gets it on the first ballot,” Romney said.

Romney believes if Trump doesn’t hit the 1,237 delegates he needs to get the nomination, he could still woo delegates at the convention.

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“After all, these rules are a lot simpler than the rules of foreign affairs or the rules of our economy.

And if you want to be president, you are going to have to deal with things far more complicated than Republican delegate rules,” he said.

The former governor said he believes Trump will lose the general election, should he become the nominee.

There’s no love lost between the two businessmen-turned-politicians, who have engaged in Twitter warfare before.