BREAKING: Paul Ryan Switches Sides! Look What He Will Sacrifice To Trump…

One can easily mix the pots and get out of the right way.

Working for the wrong guys never pays off, plus you may get chased by the law. But, it is never too late to get things right, and go play with the good guys.

At least that’s what Paul Ryan did. We really love what he did, and hopefully he’ll be a good example for other people like him.

Paul Ryan did his best in avoiding Trump at any cost. Well, that’s what losers do. Run away when it gets messy.

But, things changed overnight. How come, Paul?

It turns out that Ryan is going to support Trump’s campaign. He sure had huge goals, but the wrong assets. Now he is doing what he should have done before.

Ryan is now part of the team that wants Hillary away from the scene. He is one of the side-switching politicians who flip as the wind blows. Well, at least now he is doing fine. Time to say welcome, guys.


Ryan not only joined Trump, he also said some great words for his debate. Who would have thought? Killer-performance, huh?


He may be a RINO, but we need every single American to keep Hillary away from us, and get America out of this nasty situation.

We were world’s leaders, remember? Let’s cut off her tentacles, and spray her bugs out of every corrupted institution. We can do that! No place for crooked politicians here. We need a strong leader, not a lousy, sneaky criminal.

It looks like everyone is leaving Hillary. Who’s next? Many people are now disappointed with her activities, and no one wants to be part of a sinking ship. Guess Hillary is going to drown alone.

And Red Cruz? OMG!