Before the elections and during them we witnessed a quite rumors that spread for Trump family, and especially for our elect-President Donald Trump.

These lies and gossip which are spread for Trump escalated to violent protests on American streets.

This is a very wrong thing but even worse is that these protesters attacked the Trump’s family. But why all this? These people are innocent and they have nothing to do with politics.

It proves the fact that the son of Trump Eric and his wife Lara donated $ 20 million dollars to help children who are suffering from cancer.

They gave money to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. An organization devoted to helping children with rare or incurable diseases.

For Eric Trump, this hospital is a national treasure.

Namely, Eric had the opportunity to visit the hospital and meet with all the little children. And also to be a witness of how good things are happening there. People there really care about those small helpless children.

Eric decided to give money to this hospital and to offer his assistance to all children. But, you have to admit, it’s a lot of money, and even the hospital staff was shocked with this act of goodness.

Eric is very happy to be part of such a good deed and that he has the opportunity to participate in such an amazing organization.

He truly understands that not every child in the world is healthy and happy, which is why more people should do this to help the less fortunate children.

Eric is eager to help in finding the solution for children cancer because so many children have died because of this disease.

Eric gave money with the hope that he could help in treating of these children. That his ideas will be accepted and will find an effective solution. Just as his father Donald strives for the good of America and its citizens.

And now folks who is a good person? Do you now believe in the goodness of family Trump? The most important thing for the future of a country is children’s. They are simply priceless.

This is the true Trump family, caring, humble, and smart.

We made a good choice when we elected Trump.

This story melts everyone’s heart, right? Now finally it showed what a good man is Trump and his family.