Breaking: Trump Has Huge Plans For Jeanine Pirro, She Just Left Trump Tower [Details]

If one thing is for certain, it’s that Fox News reporter Judge Jeanine Pirro has come a long way.

It was not too long ago that she was just a county court judge.

She was recently spotted entering Trump Tower in Manhattan for a private meeting with our President-Elect Donald Trump.

Trump and Pirro have a longstanding relationship, as they met while Pirro was the first-ever female judge on the bench of the Westchester County Court.

She also served as district attorney of Westchester County. Pirro and fellow New Yorker Rudy Giuliani, who is no stranger to Pirro, were spotted entering Trump Tower together.

It is presumed that Pirro was there to discuss her role in Trump’s Presidency, as was Giuliani. Pirro was one of Trump’s most die-hard supporters during the campaign in the otherwise biased media.

What job do you think Trump should give to Pirro?