Breaking: Wal-Mart Just Made Sick Move To Help Black Lives Matter, Will You Boycott Them?

Ta this point, nobody can rightfully make the argument that Black Lives Matter is not a homegrown domestic terrorist group.

After all, people with direct ties to Black Lives Matter have been responsible for the cold-blooded slayings of numerous police officers.

This, however, hasn’t stopped delusional liberals and those with hatred towards the police and our country to ally themselves with Black Lives Matter and offer them their backing, politically and financially.

The last company you would ever expect to join these ranks is retail giant Wal-Mart.

It turns out that executives at Wal-Mart have capitulated to the demands of protesting, irrational liberals. Wal-Mart just made a truly revolting move to help Black Lives Matter, which shows just how far it has strayed from its roots.

The company has agreed to sell merchandise bearing Black Lives Matter slogans and other merchandise.

Anyone immoral or insane enough to do so can now purchase t-shirts and hoodies that say “Black Lives Matter” and “BULLETPROOF” on them.

Black Lives Matter terrorists and their backers can now also buy Black Lives Matter photo license plates, directly from Wal-Mart. It is a direct affront to all Americans’ lives, particularly those of our police, that Wal-Mart is helping these terrorist thugs. Will you boycott Wal-Mart until it stops selling this merchandise?