Condoleezza Rice Makes The Endorsement We’ve All Been Waiting For, This Is Awesome

66th Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is an extremely smart woman, and for a long time people have hoped that she would endorse Donald Trump.

She did recognize and respond to Trump’s latest decision for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobile.

“Rex Tillerson is an excellent choice for Secretary of State. He will bring to the post remarkable and broad international experience; a deep understanding of the global economy; and a belief in America’s special role in the world,” started Rice in a facebook post.

“I know Rex as a successful business man and a patriot. He will represent the interests and the values of the United States with resolve and commitment.

And he will lead the exceptional men and women of the State Department with respect and dedication,” she continued.

“I look forward to supporting Rex through the confirmation process and then welcoming him to the family of Secretaries of State,” she said.

Trump has made a lot of very great choices for his cabinet so far and there is more to come. Condi Rice wasn’t the only one to recognize Trump’s good decisions. Robert Gates was thrilled at the decision as well.

“He would bring to the position vast knowledge, experience and success in dealing with dozens of governments and leaders in every corner of the world.

He is a person of great integrity whose only goal in office would be to protect and advance the interest of the United States,” said Gates.