Department Of Justice Releases Statement Threatening To Arrest People Who Try To Stop Voter Fraud

Voter fraud has been becoming a bigger and bigger problem during this election.

The Project Veritas video shed a lot of light on the situation and the massive voter fraud that has taken place.

Yet somehow, people still call voter fraud a “conspiracy”. Mike Pence encouraged people to monitor the voting stations but now it seems the Department of Justice is trying to stop them.

They sent out a warning that monitoring the polls could be ‘intimidation’ and you could be arrested for breaking federal laws.

“Federal law protects against such crimes as intimidating or bribing voters, buying and selling votes, impersonating voters, altering vote tallies, stuffing ballot boxes, and marking ballots for voters against their wishes or without their input,” started a statement released by the US attorney.

“It also contains special protections for the rights of voters and provides that they can vote free from acts that intimidate or harass them. For example, actions of persons designed to interrupt or intimidate voters at polling places by questioning or challenging them, or by photographing or videotaping them, under the pretext that these are actions to uncover illegal voting may violate federal voting rights law.” You can read the whole thing here.