Gloria Steinem Claims That Trump ‘Sexually Assaulted’ Her With His Words, She’s In Trouble Now

MSNBC, a very liberal network showed how much of a bubble they really live in. They brought on the “feminist” Gloria Steinem and talked about how Trump’s words sexually assaulted them. And no one was there to call them crazy for saying it.

“It struck me a lot of the signs, they were about all different kinds of issues and it was interesting to see that, but a lot of signs about the infamous comments the president of the United States made on the “Access Hollywood” tape.

One of the things striking to me when he bragged about sexual assault, how easy it was to get away with it when you’re a celebrity,” started a MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

“There was a moment in the campaign where that happened and everyone thought, “Oh my God,” and you had Republican members of Congress running to every microphone to say “I can’t look my daughter in the eyes about this,” and then it just sort of disappeared down the memory hole,” said Hayes. Gloria Steinem commented back.

“It didn’t disappear. I think people felt, women felt, and men on behalf of women felt sexually assaulted by his language and by his attitude.

There’s a common theme here of bodily integrity. We get to control our own bodies. The power of the government stops at our skins, and that has to do with reproductive freedom, that has to do with sexual assault,” said Steinem.

“It has to do with all kinds of other issues, with testing and so on. I mean it is fundamental—bodily integrity—and I think that’s what his ridiculous attitude tapped into,” said Steinem.