Is God now endorsing Trump? Look to the sky at Value Voters Speech

A viral image was just released after an intrepid photographer took a picture as Trump addressed Religious Voters in Washington today.

It appears that God is on Trump’s side.

Even the New York Times explains

WASHINGTON — Donald J. Trump pleaded Friday with Christian conservatives to rally to his candidacy, but in a high-profile speech to evangelicals made no mention of issues of central importance to them, like abortion, same-sex marriage and Israel.
“You didn’t vote four years ago,” Mr. Trump said in an address at a conference convened here by the Family Research Council, warning, “this is your last chance, this is it.”
He appealed to the attendees with biting attacks on Hillary Clinton and a vow to promote religious freedom and appoint conservative judges — holding up the late Justice Antonin Scalia as the “ultimate example of what we’re looking for.”