Hillary Changes Targets, Calls All Of The Founding Fathers Sexist And Racist

The number one move of a Democrat is to call anyone who disagrees with their opinion a racist and a sexist.

Hillary Clinton has been known to call Trump supporters a ‘basket of deplorables’. But apparently only insulting and accusing people who are alive is not satisfying enough for Hillary.

So instead of blindly insulting Trump, she decided to blindly insult our founding fathers. It’s hard to believe anyone actually thinks she has any respect for this country.

“Here in America, when our founders said all men are created equal, well they left out African Americans, they left out women, they left out a lot of us,” started Hillary Clinton.

“But that didn’t stop generations of Americans from pushing forward, making clear we were not satisfied with just half measures,” said Hillary.

“I personally believe that we have come too far to turn back now,” said Hillary. It’s interesting that she claims to be for equality, yet she is trashing the part of the constitution that says that all men (obviously meaning, all humans) are created equal. We need a president who loves this country. We need Trump.