“I’d Get Fined If ____”, Trey Gowdy Defies Hillary’s Threats, Just Exposed How Her Criminal Machine Works

Trey Gowdy just revealed as much as he can say in our corrupt mainstream media about Hillary and her cronies.

Said Gowdy about key Hillary accomplice Harry Reid, “I can’t really use the word I want to use because it would get us in trouble with the FCC. Yeah. So we’ll just go with political hack.”

Gowdy had a lot to say about how Hillary Clinton and her criminal machine operates, and how she stays out of trouble and avoids jail time. It all finally saw the light of day when the FBI reopened its investigation into Hillary’s email crimes.

Said Trey, “Secretary Clinton knows (Comey) cannot produce the information in the middle of an investigation. So it’s a little bit — to me Megyn — it’s a little bit…this is the same person who said ‘I’ve neither sent or received classified information’.”

He added, “This is the same person who said ‘I turned over all my work-related emails — I only had one device — my lawyers went through everything.’”

Stated Gowdy, “It’s easy to ask people you know cannot disclose things to do so. I mean, that makes her look transparent. But if it’s a day that ends in ‘y,’ you can rest assured she’d talked to Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills.” Do you think Hillary is a criminal?