Immigrants Leave Work To Protest Trump, Get Brutal Wakeup Call Immediately After [WATCH]

On Thursday, immigrants attempted to teach Donald Trump a lesson by organizing “A Day Without Immigrants” protest. Immigrants throughout the country refused to show up to work.

Their goal was to show Trump how much this country depends on immigrants to survive. Instead, they learned a major lesson themselves.

Immigrants proudly posted photographs of themselves on social media ditching the day—and the mainstream offered their support by making it look like this movement was widely accepted by employers.

Of course, hat turned out not to be the case at all. Take this group of protesters, for instance, who arrived to work on Wednesday to find this sign on the door:

Look, it’s up to businesses if they want to let their employees make an unnecessary political statement, but we applaud this one for standing firm. The fact is, Trump is not attacking immigrants; his policies are only meant to encourage people who want to come into this country to do so legally. Legal immigrants in this country do not have to worry about Trump at all.

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