THIS ISN’T OBAMA’S AMERICA ANYMORE! Women’s March Leader, Convicted Palestinian Terrorist STRIPPED Of U.S. Citizenship…Will Be DEPORTED

This isn’t Obama’s America anymore. Illegal alien criminals and gang members will be deported.

Terrorists will be sent back to their homeland. And what does it say about their movement, when liberal women in the United States choose convicted terrorists as their leaders? When did Muslim terrorists become friends of the “feminist” movement? What’s next…outreach programs for

female terrorists living in America?

Convicted ‘Palestinian’ terrorist and leader of ‘A Day Without a Woman’ march, Rasmea Odeh, 69 is being stripped of her U.S. citizenship and will be deported to Jordan.

Rasmea Odeh was convicted by Israel of engaging in terrorist bombings that killed and injured several people.
As an alleged member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), designated by the U.S. as a terrorist group, Rasmea Odeh was arrested for her alleged involvement in two bombings in the late sixties. Two Israeli university students were killed and nine more were injured.

In 1980, Odeh was freed from an Israeli jail as part of a prisoner exchange deal, and a decade later emigrated to the U.S. She recently made headlines again after being charged with immigration fraud for lying about her terrorist background when applying for U.S. citizenship.

Ode is being charged with immigration fraud for lying on her visa and citizenship forms about her past terrorist convictions and ties to terrorist groups. – Gateway Pundit


Rasmea Odeh, 69, will avoid jail time as part of the deal, the Rasmea Defense Committee announced on Thursday.

“She will plead guilty to Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization, lose her U.S. citizenship, and be forced to leave the country, but will exit the U.S. without having to serve any more time in prison or ICE detention, a victory, considering that the government had earlier fought for a sentence of 5-7 years.”

An activist with the Arab American Action Network, Odeh was alleged to be a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a designated terror group. She was convicted in Israel in 1970 of taking part in two bombings the year before, one at a supermarket in Jerusalem and another at the British consulate. Two Israeli students were killed in the supermarket bombing. Nine were injured in the two blasts. –Daily Caller