Juan Williams Caught Trying To Smear Trump In A Brand New Dumb Lib Way, Trump SHREDDED Him

Fox News reporter is a disgrace to the journalistic profession.

Juan, who is closely allied with Hillary Clinton, keeps influencing his traitor friends at Fox News like Shep Smith and Megyn Kelly to smear Donald Trump.

He recently struck out on his own and crafted his own awful smear on Trump. Fortunately, nobody believed it and it completely backfired for Juan.

Wrote Williams, “One of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s firms — Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts — paid consultants nearly $70,000 in 1999 to secretly look into doing business in Cuba while the communist country was still under a U.S. embargo, according to Newsweek.

That story fit with another Newsweek revelation about Trump’s decision to turn his back on the struggling American steel industry on two of his recent construction projects. He bought cut-rate steel and aluminum from government-backed mills in China instead.”

He added, “Trump’s troubling financial entanglements with China as well as a desire to do business in Fidel Castro’s Cuba might all be revealed if he would release his tax returns.

But even without the tax returns, the Cuba story is the one with the potential to end Trump’s presidential bid. He needs the Cuban-American vote to have any chance of winning the critical swing state of Florida.

History may soon record that it was the press reports about Trump’s business dealings with Fidel Castro’s regime in Cuba that cost him the 2016 election.” Isn’t it disgusting that Juan Williams is now trying to make a Trump smear out of “Cuba”? Trump completely ignored Juan and his bullsh*t story went away!