Larry The Cable Guy To Hillary: You Will Be The END of Our Country!

You would never think a comedian like Larry the Cable Guy would be so heated about politics, but he certainly is.

He has appeared on numerous radio shows across the country during this election cycle and just stopped by with Fox & Friends to gave a warning to America that we better pay attention to.

For those of you not familiar with Larry, he has made a name for himself with bis “blue collar” comedy and touring with the likes of Ron White, Bill Engvall, and Jeff Foxworthy.

Foxworthy is known for speaking out against the liberal mindset and possibly Larry is now following in those footsteps.

Well, Larry was invited on Fox and Friends to talk about many topics including who he’s voting for and who he’s not voting for.

His response was hilarious, as usual, but the message he had for that candidate was brutal and surprised us all!