Leaked Emails Show Just How Scared Hillary Is Of Trey Gowdy, You Will Cheer So Hard [Details]

It’s fair to say that Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton hates WikLeaks.

Dumb liberals used to rally around WikiLeaks as a way to increase “transparency.”

What they didn’t think about was that this “transparency” would out some of the criminals in their ranks, such as Hillary Clinton. Why do they think they deserve special treatment?

The latest batch of leaked emails shows how deeply Hillary and her inner circle of cronies are rattled by Trey Gowdy’s investigation into Hillary’s Benghazi crimes.

For example, Hillary’s top adviser forwarded to her and others full-lengths transcripts of Trey Gowdy’s interviews on news programs talking about his investigation.

Hillary’s team then discussed back and forth strategies to deal with fallout from what Trey Gowdy uncovered. It’s very clear that Gowdy succeeded in getting under Hillary’s skin! What do you think? Some examples are below: