‘Why Do You Lie, CNN?’ Nancy Sinatra Crushes CNN For Spreading Vicious Lie About Her And Trump

CNN pushed a piece of Fake News claiming that Nancy Sinatra, singer and daughter of Frank Sinatra is really upset that Trump is playing her fathers song during the inauguration. Nancy tweeted that this is untrue.

CNN’s article titled “Nancy Sinatra not happy Trump using father’s song at inauguration” says “Nancy Sinatra, has never been a fan of President-elect Donald Trump.

Now that he’s about the assume the presidency, the younger Sinatra let the world know how she feels about one of her father’s famous songs being used in the inauguration festivities.”

After hearing that “My Way” would be playing at the inauguration Sinatra wrote the vague tweet “Just remember the first line of the song.” The first line of the song is, “And now, the end is near.” CNN took this to mean that she was really unhappy. However she was just making an innocent joke.

“That’s not true. I never said that. Why do you lie, CNN?” tweeted Sinatra about CNN’s article. She further responded to fans “Oh, man! I’m not angry.” and “What a rotten spin to put on a harmless joke.” and “I’m not sure why this became such a big deal. It was really just a joke.”

She even responded to one twitter user saying “Actually I’m wishing him the best. A good president helps the entire world. I don’t believe anyone tries to be a bad president.” After his inauguration speech she tweeted “Congratulations, Mr. President. Good luck to you.” CNN updated the story after Sinatra’s reaction.