“Obama Is History, We Have Trump”, Israeli Minister Smacked Obama Down So Hard, It’s Viral

Itis truly stomach-turning how President Barack Obama sat idly by and refused to block an outrageous United Nations Security Council resolution get past that ceded control of valuable sites within Israel to Muslim Palestinian control.

People across the Judeo-Christian world were infuriated by this move, which gave Muslims even more power over our Holy Land living heritage.

It is just the latest of many actions Obama has taken to embarrass Israel and weaken our country’s influence in the Middle East. High-ranking Israelis refused to stay silent.

Israel’s Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev recently stuck it to Obama over this move where it hurt the most by praising Trump on television. Said Regev, “Who is Obama? Obama is history. We have Trump.”

She could not have put it any better. Israelis know they have a true friend in President Donald Trump, someone who will help them protect their homeland against Muslim aggressors instead of trying to placate them with the failed “two-state solution.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu echoed Regev’s words, saying through his spokesman David Keyes, “We’re not just going to be a punching bag and go quietly into the night as the Obama administration helps push such a grave resolution.”

Added Keyes, “We have ironclad information that emanates from sources in the Arab world and that shows the Obama administration helped craft this resolution and pushed hard for its eventual passage.” How excited are you about President Trump?