Obama Lies To Black Voters To Help Hillary, Says President Trump Will Work With KKK

Record amounts of black people are voting for Trump in this election.

In a desperate attempt to get more black voters Obama suggested to an audience that if Trump becomes president he will work with the KKK and give them power.

“If you accept the support of Klan sympathizers — the Klan — and hesitate when asked about that support, then you’ll tolerate that support when you’re in office,” started Obama.

“You threaten to throw your opponent in jail without any due process….imagine what you’ll do when you actually have the power to violate the Constitution along those lines,” he said.

Obama took this a step further and said that the fate of the entire world depends on voting for Hillary.

“I hate to put a little pressure on you, but the fate of the Republic rests on your shoulders, the fate of the world is teetering, and you, North Carolina, are going to have to make sure that we push it in the right direction,” said Obama.