OH HELL NO! Hillary Clinton Just Released A DESPICABLE New Video That Donald Trump HATES – This Is REALLY Bad!!

Hillary Clinton will just not go away, will she? I mean she loses to Obama in 2008 and BOOM!, she is back in 2016.

Then Trump whoops her butt in 2016 and now she is doing this crap!?!film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Today the Democrats released another brand new video with none other than Hillary Clinton herself with a message for Democrats that will make you nauseous:

“Keep fighting and keep the faith. I’ll be there right with you every step of the way.”

Uhhhh….HELL NO, YOU WON’T! You lost because America does NOT want you with it anymore, period. Go crawl in some hole somewhere (maybe Guantanamo Bay?) and disappear.

In the video she spouts all of her usual bullcrap, claiming that Democrats are the racially and morally superior party just because she says so, before taking an even darker tone.

She starts talking about “the resistance” and building up an army of new politicians to help fight for the America SHE wants. Sounds kinda Hitler/Hitler youth-ish, doesn’t it?

Clearly, this witch is trying AGAIN to take over a country where NOBODY wants to see her rule. We need to stand together now more than ever, as a single unit, and show her that the American people say NO WAY to Hillary Clinton.

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