POLL: Do you believe Mr. Trump is the most qualified candidate to be POTUS?

Many people consider Trump to be a pragmatist; seeing a problem and trying the best solution to a problem.

Sure, that approach is never guaranteed, but what approach is? He’s had four bankruptcies in his projects, but those projects number in the hundreds, at least.

But, a larger picture raises a larger question.

Millenials, who fancy themselves as pragmatic, take a look at the entire field, both parties, and see the same old, Same old, and probably think that there are no new solutions coming from tired old ideas and policitians.

Any lasting, worthy, noble ideas almost always come from across the aisle agreements; Clinton-Gingrich welfare reform, Reagan- Oneil budget/tax agreement, things like that.

Current Washington sentiment isn’t getting us to that place. And please, don’t point to obamacare as a noble solution- at best a current work in progress.
So many people, a surprising amount, look to both Trump and Sanders as a new option, untested politically, with new ideas, new campaigns, and a new way of doing just about everything.
Which to a lot of people, is more attractive than the old way of doing things.