Stunning new Quinnipiac poll: Sanders 10 times more likely to beat Trump!

Upcoming primary voters: Want to make absolutely, positively sure Donald Trump does not take office ten months from now? Then force him to face Bernie Sanders in November.

The latest Quinnipiac poll, released yesterday (3/23/16), shows Bernie Sanders with a greater-than-tenfold better chance than Clinton of beating Trump.

The poll throws into doubt that Clinton could even beat Trump. With a Clinton candidacy we could all be watching President Drumpf be sworn into office next January. A frightening prospect.

Even big bad Trump declares he would rather face Clinton in November. The new Quinnipiac poll explains why he’s scared of Sanders.

Here are the new Quinnipiac poll findings and how I interpret them:


CLINTON 46, TRUMP 40 in a November matchup, according to Quinnipaic.

But there’s a plus-or-minus 2.6 percent margin of error. So the result could be…

CLINTON 43.4, TRUMP 42.6 — Clinton’s low end against Trump’s high end, within the poll’s margin of error.

Notice, it leaves just 0.8 percent between Clinton and Trump — such a slim lead, it’s all but meaningless this early in the general-election season.

The implication: Clinton and Trump are a virtual tossup. Flip a coin and we could be watching The Drumpf take office.

But OMG, look at Quinnipiac’s result for Sanders versus Trump: