Queen Elizabeth Just Gave Incredible News To Trump, It Changes Everything [Details]

Powerless, bitter Democrats keep trying to spread this baseless lie that world leaders are somehow shunning President-Elect Donald Trump.

They would like you to believe that the rest of the world is somehow unsettled by Trump’s election victory, when the reality is entirely different.

Great Britain is our country’s most powerful ally, so the recent move made by Queen Elizabeth toward Trump spoke volumes about how highly Trump is regarded.

Queen Elizabeth, who suffers no fools and who rarely goes out of her way to court favor among foreign leaders, has issued a formal invitation for President-Elect Donald Trump to meet with her in the United Kingdom.

Her Highness is, apparently, keen on affirming Great Britain’s close relationship with Trump. The United States and Great Britain are on very similar terms politically, particularly since they voted to relieve themselves of the burdens of the European Union. Do you feel honored by Trump’s invitation?