Sally Kohn Gives Disgusting Defense Of Sharia-Law Supporting Muslim Who Started Women’s March

The Woman’s March against Trump was organized by a woman named Linda Sarsour.

She is a Muslim woman who has been caught giving support to Saudi Arabia, Hamas and Sharia law. It’s very ironic that she would be running the woman’s march.

She once bragged about how Saudi Arabia is better than America because they get “10 weeks of PAID maternity leave in Saudi Arabia.

Yes PAID. And ur worrying about women driving. Puts us to shame,” she tweeted. Basically, it’s okay that women are second class citizens if they get free stuff. She has also been caught by the Anti-Defamation League raising money for Hamas.

She even complained about banning Sharia Law. “@NYCCouncilWatch A ban on sharia law would ban the application or implementation of Islamic law (sharia) in courts in any jurisdiction,” tweeted Sarsour. But despite all of that CNN commentator Sally Kohn supports her and sees her as a hero.

“.@lsarsour is one of my heroes and deserves admiration, not trolling. Step off haters. You’re outta your league. #IMarchWithLinda” tweeted Kohn. “Weird I would think those who insist they only hate Islamic *extremism* would love progressive Muslims like @lsarsour but? #ImarchwithLinda” she later tweeted.

Kohn even tweeted about Sarsour’s charity. “Tweets are great but wanna *REALLY* show support for @lsarsour? Donate to organization she runs! #IMarchWithLinda” and then ” Correction: A Muslim leader FIGHTING FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS AND LGBT RIGHTS AND PEACE AND NON-VIOLENCE is called an ALLY! #IMarchWithLinda”. Is Sally Kohn an extremist?