Members of the Teamsters, one of the most influential workers’ union, have been known for their loyalty to Democrats during election season.

The union boasts around 1.4 million members through the United States and Canada, and their political support has been important to Democrats.
However, this year, the union has decided to withhold endorsement of any particular candidate, Democrat or Republican, and one active member recently revealed that many members have been leaning toward a GOP candidate — Donald Trump.

Antonio Caracciolo launched a Facebook page entitled “Teamsters United For Donald J. Trump.” The Teamsters local 282 member said he created the page for his fellow workers to discuss their political support for the billionaire businessman.

“We all like Trump,” Caracciolo explained to Breitbart News, pointing to trade as a major reason. He also added that support for Hillary Clinton was unlikely as she “was in the initiation process” for the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.

“We went out and we went against those trade agreements,” he explained. “We need to stop the free trade because it’s hurting our country,” he added. “Basically, this is why Trump is more appealing to me, close the borders … work on the currency manipulation and the trade deficits.”

Caracciolo has been concerned about Americans losing their jobs due to companies moving their operations to other countries.

“Hilary Clinton talks about jobs, but the trade agreements caused Ford to be able to move to Mexico,” he said.

He believed that cracking down on illegal immigration would result in “more jobs” for Americans.

“I believe that if there’s less people in the workforce, or available for work, they got to pay for them,” he explained. “It’s like supply and demand.”