ELDER PATRIOT – The wheels are coming off of the Clinton machine at an alarming rate and the endorsement of Trump by Bill Clinton’s CIA Director is another sign that Hillary is unfit for high office.

James Woolsey, a national security and energy specialist and the former Director of Central Intelligence from February 5, 1993 until January 10, 1995, literally trashed Mrs.

Clinton for her performance running the State Department giving that as the reason he’s joining Team Trump. During his announcement Woolsey said that Mrs. Clinton:

“demonstrated a complete lack of understanding and an inability to lead the agency she headed in such a way as to maintain its mission and security.”

“Based on the emails thus far released we know that Secretary Clinton also lacks the ability to lead her senior managers while complying with and maintaining the basic protocols designed to protect our government’s sensitive and classified information.”

The Clinton campaign realized early on that her resume would disqualify her for the presidency so they instead focused on creating an image among potential voters that Donald Trump is more deplorable and poses a greater risk than she would be in the White House.

That approach has failed to convince those entrusted with protecting the country, though. Last week 88 retired generals and admirals endorsed Trump.

Now it’s Woolsey’s turn after having waited to see how Trump would handle the information he began receiving at security briefings. Woolsey had this to say about Trump:

“Trump has come out on two things that I think are important: first of all, he seems to be very much more so than his opponent in favor of a strong defense budget and we’ve got a lot of space to make up problems that have been left in defense by the Obama administration.