Traitor John Kasich Just Got Smacked Down So Hard For Trying To Spread “Never Trump” Lies, He’s A Moron

Ohio Governor John Kasich won’t stop spreading lies about our party’s nominee Donald Trump.

Said Kasich recently, “Many people were angry and questioned why I would not endorse Donald Trump or attend the Republican convention. I’ve long had concerns with Donald Trump that go beyond his temperament.”

He added, “I’ve also encouraged him to change his behavior for the better and offer a positive, inclusive vision for our country, but he has not.

It’s clear that he hasn’t changed and has no interest in doing so. As a result, Donald Trump is a man I cannot and should not support.”

Interviewer Dan Patrick finally confronted Kasich and asked him one last time if he was going to rally around our party’s nominee or help Hillary take over our country.

What was Kasich’s stupid response? He said, “I haven’t decided, but I am not voting for Trump or Clinton.

Maybe I will write you in, Dan.” Trump has smacked Kasich down by making it very clear that he’s a big part of the swamp that will be drained when Trump becomes President. Are you excited to Make America Great Again?