Trey Gowdy Stood Heroically Against Hillary The American People Just Repaid Him In A Very Big Way… Thank You Trey

A fight for office is largely determined by funds. If one candidate has a lot of them for fueling his/her’s campaign, it allows them to have a big impact and very possibly win.

Trey Gowdy has had just that kind of a blessing, the king that gives him the opportunity to beat opponent Chris Fedalei.

Apparently Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has finally found a way to silence Congressman Trey Gowdy. Unfortunately for her, not even cutting off his access to power will get him to back down.

We’re not sure what her plan was, but we can imagine she intended to funnel her corrupt money into Gowdy’s opponent in the congressional race for his very important seat in South Carolina.

Despite her best efforts, the people have spoken. Donors have given Congressman Gowdy $1.3 million for his campaign, a new record for his district.

Meanwhile, Democrat Chris Fedalei is burning through cash trying to keep up. Now, rumors are circulating that he has almost run out of money.

Things aren’t looking good for Fedalei and Clinton. Looks like her plan to silence Gowdy are about to fail.

What do you think about this turnaround? Does Chris Fedalei still have a chance?

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