Trey Gowdy Takes Comey Hearings To Next Level, CRUSHES Obama With Shocking Proof Of DOJ Cover-Up

It’s been a long road for Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina.

Nobody in our government has worked harder to hold Hillary Clinton and her network of cronies finally accountable for their giant cover-up of her crimes.

Gowdy has no intention of quitting, and in fact is planning to ratchet up his efforts. He is up against a firewall because Obama’s Department of Justice keeps granting key people involved in the case immunity.

Gowdy recently confronted President Obama about the tactics Obama is using to cover up Hillary’s crimes. Said Trey, “Well, there was a coverup and the folks who aided and abetted that coverup was the State Department. The State Department, which is supposed to be apolitical, non-interest in the next presidential election, has been covering for Hillary Clintons since she left office.”

He added, “If you think that there is evidence that is relevant to an investigation on a piece of physical property, you use a subpoena, a grand jury subpoena.

You don’t strike an immunity agreement with the computer, you go get the computer.

Her lawyer, Beth Wilkinson, who represents Heather Samuelsson and Cheryl Mills, she’s on record of saying ‘the Department of Justice assured me my clients did nothing wrong.

’ Well,, people who have done nothing wrong typically don’t ask for immunity so my question would be immunity from what? What was it you were worried about?