Trump Has Become More Powerful Than Obama Overnight

President Obama has failed and fail miserably to force Mexico to understand that the mass illegal immigration to American soil is unacceptable.

Donald Trump’s message has hit home hard not only with the Mexican people, but their Government as well.

The President of Mexico has actually invited Trump to Mexico to “see the border from the other side”. Mexico and their people know they are wrong, they are guilty.

They know this. The President of Mexico (whatever his name is) has on camera apologized to The Donald humbly on live TV pleading for mercy.

The fact of the matter is… We are Trump Supporters, and Donald Trump is the most merciful human being to walk on this Earth. Most of us forgive the Mexican President for stating he will not build our “$#%&ing” wall. But you know what? We are not the ones who will protest with violence like the Liberals have.

We will win by the ballot box, and by the vote, because we support the True Man of the People who is Donald J. Trump.

Check out what reported recently. And click here to check out the full story.

People are already considering how they will re-negotiate with Americans (to make it more fair) while Trump remains still a private citizen. Can’t wait to see what will happen when he is President.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention one thing… Yes America will still help the World, we will help the World help itself. We will educate them and we will be the most powerful with the most responsibility therefore when we are able to..we will help you all. And we mean it. Forever.

God Bless You All, America Loves You. Donald Trump Loves You.