Trump Gave GOP Establishment Huge Middle Finger With Unexpected Statement, Paul Ryan’s Furious

Itis a great relief that we will finally have a President in the White House who knows how to stick up for himself and for our country, and who knows how to play the different sides off of each other to achieve his goals in the political game.

The same cannot be said for spineless Obama, who repeatedly got outmaneuvered, both by Congress and by other world leaders.

Trump is sick and tired of the resistance he has met with from compromising establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan and John McCain who don’t want to embrace Trump’s people-powered agenda. He recently gave Ryan and his establishment cronies an epic insult that put them in their place.

According to reports, Trump made a masterstroke against establishment Republicans by shocking them by calling opposition Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and telling him that he likes him better than he does Paul Ryan.

Said a source, Trump “said to Schumer he likes Schumer more than Ryan and McConnell because they both wanted him to lose. They are Republicans and Trump knows they didn’t support him.”

Chuck Schumer is not a true friend of Trump’s, of course, as Schumer has said, “President-elect Trump is attempting to fill his rigged cabinet with nominees that would break key campaign promises and have made billions off the industries they’d be tasked with regulating.” Trump is clearly just using Schumer to anger Ryan into submission. How do you love how Trump just pissed off the Republican establishment?