Trump Pledges To Continue Speaking Directly To American People – To Hell With rMainstream Media Read moe at

The long-entrenched establishment powers that be, don’t much care for Donald Trump’s remarkably effective use of social media to bypass the Mainstream Media filter and communicate directly to the American people.

And so, a campaign was initiated to create pressure to have the President-Elect agree his Twitter and related social media accounts would not be utilized once he enters the White House.

It appears Mr. Trump will once again ignore the requests of his political enemies, and continue doing what he thinks is best for America, namely talking above, and through, those who would much rather keep him silent.


With some 39 MILLION combined followers, Donald Trump can at any moment, create a message many times over more powerful than MSNBC, CNN, ABC, or any of the other established media outlets. It was this ability that propelled Mr. Trump to the forefront of a then-crowded GOP field, allowed him to survive attack after attack, and ultimately, win the White House.
And it has his globalist-enemies increasingly concerned.

This week, incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer signaled that as president, Donald Trump will continue to utilize that direct-to-the-people outreach as he will no doubt be battling a barrage of anti-Trump media spin throughout his presidency:


“I think that his use of social media in particular … is gonna be something that’s never been seen before,” Spicer told Rhode Island news station WPRI in an interview published Monday. “He has this direct pipeline in the American people, where he can talk back and forth…I mean, he does communicate in a much bigger way than there’s ever been before, and I think that’s gonna be just a really exciting part of the job.”


And combating media bias isn’t the only use Trump will have for his social media army of devoted supporters, as indicated by Congressman Tom Cole:


“I don’t think people are used to having a president that can reach into their districts the way that I think Donald Trump can…I mean, he’s very popular with the Republican base. And a guy that can sit there and tweet out of the White House and generate several thousand calls to your office is somebody you ought to take pretty seriously, because I suspect he’s gonna be very serious about pushing his agenda.”