Trump Is Winning Everybody: Ted Cruz Finally Is On Trump’s Train!!

Finally Ted Cruz is on Trump Train!

Now the victory us inevitable!

The whole nation is going behind Trump, America is saved!

According to The Truth Division:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz finally threw praise Donald Trump’s way.

The relatively ostracized senator commended Trump’s stance on an issue of Internet freedom, marking a noticeable change of tone for the GOP nominee’s most formidable primary competitor.

Cruz has proposed to block the transfer of control over a key component of the Internet before President Obama exits the White House, as the Washington Examiner’s Rudy Takala previously reported. On Wednesday, Cruz tweeted his appreciation of a statement put out by the Trump campaign regarding control of the Internet.

“Appreciate @realDonaldTrump’s support of our efforts to keep the Internet free,” Cruz tweeted, linking to the Trump campaign’s statement from policy adviser Stephen Miller, a former aide to Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway responded to Cruz’s tweet by commending the Texas senator’s public comment. Conway formerly worked for a pro-Cruz super PAC that shifted gears to boost Trump after the GOP primary.

“And we appreciate @tedcruz appreciating @realDonaldTrump. Over to you, @jeffroe,” Conway tweeted, tagging Cruz’s presidential campaign manager Jeff Roe.

The tweets between Cruz and Trump’s team represent a much different tone from when the Texas senator declined to endorse the Republican nominee at the GOP convention in July.

Bravo! Ted Cruz is the hero of the day!

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