Woman’s Life May Be in Danger for Revealing Truth on Sterling, Castile and OBAMA

Over the past week, America has once again been thrown into turmoil over the shootings of black men by police officers.

The Black Lives Matter movement has held protests in many major cities, and violence as broken out across the country.

Not all African-Americans are on board with the protests taking place across the nation. A great number of them have come out and stated that they do not agree with the rhetoric against police officers.

Va’Shona Dixon went on Facebook and live-streamed her reaction to the police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota that have been at the center of these latest protests.

Dixon called Al Sharpton a “racist,” referred to President Barack Obama as the “black God” that many blacks voted for, and said that Jesse Jackson was a race hustler.

So much truth in one video. Liberals must be furious right now.