WOW – Look What Hispanics Are Doing in Miami – Media Will NEVER Report THIS

If you believe the liberal news media then this is what they will tell you about Donald J.

Trump and Hispanics: Latinos hate the man. They think he is racist, and they are constantly demonstrating at his rallies. The problem with that is it isn’t true, and here is a case in point:

In Miami there was a large, organized voting bloc that came out to show their support of Donald Trump.

The crowds enthusiastically supported the real estate billionaire and held up a number of signs declaring that support. Intermeshed throughout the crowd were placards that read: “Hispanas for Trump: Make America Great Again.”

In front of a Cuban cuisine restaurant there was a group of Latinos holding up a large banner, “Vota Donald and Win” and in the spirit of true Americans they also “In God We Trust” prominently displayed.

The Trump phenomenon is a movement that has spread across the country, and has impacted every ethnic group. The media won’t report it, but they are missing one very fundamental truth with Trump’s Hispanic vote.

Hispanic-Americans value many of the same things everyone else in America does.

They want to earn a good living and not have their legs cut out from beneath them by illegals willing to work for far less.

They want an educational system that actually teaches their children something rather than serve as a babysitting service.

One important phenomenon was also noted in the Facebook comments of these pictures: many of these people came from pro-business and middle class backgrounds, and a lot of them came from communist countries.

In a nutshell, these Hispanics realize the consequences if Hillary is elected unlike the kool-aid drinking liberals.

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